Duration 1 month:

1 intro class

3 defile classes

1 photo posing class

1 acting class


Price on request


Duration 2 months:

1 intro class

6 defile classes

3 photo posing classes

2 acting classes


Price on request

“I am model”

duration 3 months:

1 intro class

9 defile classes

6 photo posing classes

4 acting classes


Price on request

Intro class

This class will help you to make castings with confidence.  It is very important to not only behave in a right way but also present yourself as an individual person. We can help you accomplish that.

Class time: 1 hour.


Defile – one of the main skills for a model.  It helps you to get correct body posture, you will know how to move gracefully – all of that will help you not only in modeling career but also on your daily life. Confidence and beautiful defile will help you to feel free on stage and in public.

Class time : 2 hours.

Photo posing

Photo posing is very important for you or your child. This class will help you to feel free in front of the camera. Also you will get your first professional photos for your portfolio.

Class time: 1.5 hour


In acting class you or your child will not only spend some quality time but also its an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. You will learn how to work as a team, how to set and reach your goals. This class will train your memory and you will gain public performance experience.

Class time : 1,5 hour

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